Premiere Article Promotion Program

We're looking for a few good quality articles from our members to promote. While we always welcome good articles from our valued directory members, in this case, we are looking for those articles that are the crème of the crop.

Articles such as those posted by Gord Collins from Bay Street SEO. Gord's articles have been featured at the SEO Consultants Directory since he became a member in 2002 July. If you view the statistics for the directory, you'll see that Gord's articles are in our top requested pages and have been since they were posted.

If you have an article that would be of value to our visitors and, the article is of "high quality and original content", we'd like to host and promote it for you under our Premiere Article Promotion Program. This is a win/win situation as you gain additional exposure within the directory and we gain quality content for our visitors.

If you are interested in becoming a Premiere Article contributor for the directory, please contact us via email at the address you have on file or reply to your Member Announcement with this subject line...

Subject: Premiere Article Promotion Program - Company Name

Include a few details on the article you would like to have promoted at the directory and we'll be happy to review it and provide further instructions if it qualifies for the Premiere Article Promotion Program.

Admin Note: Article topics do not have to be specific to search engine optimization and/or search engine marketing. General business marketing articles are welcome as they usually tie in with an Internet marketing campaign.

Instructions for Submitting SEO and SEM Articles for Review - Page 1

We are currently seeking quality articles from approved directory members related to the SEO - Search Engine Optimization and SEM - Search Engine Marketing industry. All articles submitted should be concise, contain current information, and fall under the category of a "good or excellent read".

Your submitted articles will be reviewed for accuracy, overall content, and the perceived value to the visitors of the directory. If your article is approved, we will format, optimize, submit, and maintain the article(s) for the term of your approved membership with the SEO Consultants Directory.

Internet marketing articles will be posted on pages that reside in your personal directory. The URI path might look like this...

(The 4 digits in red are the consultants member ID number)

Your submitted Internet marketing articles may be linked to and from other areas of the site, therefore increasing your visibility and the overall theme of the directory.

Article Disclaimer: The SEO Consultants Directory does not endorse the opinions and/or facts expressed by members who provide marketing articles for our site. These search engine optimization and search engine marketing articles are here for you to review and make your own decisions.

If you are a member of the SEO Consultants Directory, you can submit a search engine marketing article for review by following the instructions in our Member Submitted SEO/SEM Articles section.

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