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Call Tracking Software, 

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Call tracking software specializes in being able to tell where calls are coming from, which advertisements are generating the most calls, and with providing advice on how to improve the overall conversions from one’s telephony sales.

  • Call tracking software solutions provide numerous ways to track incoming calls for different products and services including dedicated numbers for each advertising campaign to track the volume of calls.
  • Integration into current advertising procedures and into a website provides multiple phone numbers for each campaign to track calls coming in from each advertisement.
  • Reports provide insight on where calls are coming from, which advertisements they are coming from, and which ones are closing the deals.
What should I look for in call tracking software or a call tracking tool?
  • What pricing options are available for use of your solution? How many advertising campaigns / advertisements can I track at a given time?
  • How does your solution track calls and sales, does it integrated into existing sales solutions and popular platforms?
  • If I have problems with integration or need assistance with understanding the platform, is there a free seminar or assistance that we can receive?
  • How does your solution separate yourself from other call tracking solutions?

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