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We've developed The Clueless SEO website just for those Internet marketers who just don't have a clue.

In addition to The Clueless SEO Link Exchange Directory recently launched, and which has taken off beyond our wildest expectations, we have now included a complete section of Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks just for you, The Clueless SEO.

In this section you'll find links to...

... and definitely much more to follow as we develop and test our strategies for attracting The Clueless SEO. Suggestions? Comments? Questions? Use our secure contact form.

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A Special Thank You

We'd like to take this moment and personally thank the kind and professional gentleman from SunShineWorx for their initial unsolicited canned link exchange request.

From that email and subsequent emails from the same person, we've been given the incentive and enthusiasm to proceed with The Clueless SEO - Satire at it's finest.

We'd also like to thank that same person for their kind, warm-hearted comments about my Mother. I'll share those with her next time she comes by for dinner which is actually this evening, she'll enjoy reading them. Of course I'll have to **** a few of the choice professional words that were used, but I think she'll get the meaning of the email. Our best wishes to your Mother too.

P.S. My Mom says hi, she's so cool! We got together this evening and I put this up on the TV PC for her and I to review and we had a few giggles over dinner, she thoroughly enjoyed this new section and she's not even an SEO! She did ask me if your Mother knew that you sent emails like that?

P.S.S. We're still waiting to confirm the links to our site that you promised you were going to put up on the 678 websites that you say you have out there. That was on 2006 March 25, Saturday. Just let us know once they are up so we can link back, thanks!

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