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We are continually working on refining the methods of serving quality directory results to our visitors. We feel the dropdown selections, in addition to the keyword fields, from the main search page, will allow our visitors to narrow their search to what they are initially looking for. They can also use the Keyword Phrase Search option and query the database along with any other options that are chosen.

We currently provide a random calculated rotation of directory search results so there is balanced exposure for all directory members. We feel that random rotation is the ultimate solution for an industry specific directory/vortal like ours that provides highly targeted results to begin with.

There are no patented or secret technologies being used. This is an .asp driven directory powered by a MSSQL (Microsoft Sequel Server) database with a few programming twists. Each consultant or company has their own SEO Consultants Profile page, similar to a brief resume, which is linked from the Directory Results Pages - DRPs.

We've set up the SEO Consultants Profile page in a simple to read format which can be printed by clicking the Printer Friendly Page link located at the bottom and in the left navigation of each profile. This will allow the consumer to print multiple consultant profiles and include them in their research portfolios.

Each consultant has a unique Member ID (1***) in their profile URI which allows the user to easily bookmark that profile for future reference. The bookmarks reference your company name from the title of your consultant profile.


The information collected from you during your URI submission becomes part of your consultant profile and is an integral part of the database. It is imperative that you complete your profile in its entirety within 72 hours of approval, this is a requirement of acceptance into the directory.

We are limiting the number of directory search results to five (05) per page. This will maximize space and help to keep the directory clean. We like it simple, no clutter, no third party advertising, and no foul play!

We don't expect this to end up being an enormous directory of search engine optimization consultants. We do expect to have hundreds of select search engine marketing consultants and companies from around the world.

"Our Focus is on Quality, and not Quantity!"


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