Directory Roll Call

Blue CheckmarkWe have a Directory Roll Call every 120 days from your last profile update. On the 110th day, you will receive a brief email notification from us indicating that your profile needs to be updated once every 120 days to remain an active member of the directory. You will then receive that same email notification each day thereafter until your profile has been updated.

Member Verification

The Directory Roll Call is a method of verification that puts the onus on the member. At the same time, our Directory Editors are reminded to perform ongoing peer reviews for those who have profiles in a pending status. It keeps your profiles up to date and keeps us on our toes.

It's a Simple Process

All you need to do is login and press the Save Updates to Profile button. It is suggested that you review your profile information for accuracy and freshness, making revisions where necessary. Each time you press the Save Updates button, the Directory Roll Call counter will reset to 120 days.

Directory Email Communications

Be sure that the email address listed in your profile is valid. If it is not, you will miss these update notices along with other announcements we may send out on a monthly basis. Also, your directory listing will move into Declined Status on the 120th day if a profile update is not performed. At that time you will need to pay a listing reactivation fee of $100.00 USD.

Please note that your email address is not public, it is used strictly for SEO Consultants Directory communications. Privacy Policy

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