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Email marketing software solutions are created to help companies connect with current and potential customers via email services. They provide a platform to integrated existing services into an email marketing solution to send email campaigns.

  • Targeted messages can be sent to different groups maintained through email lists gathered from your website or through correspondence with potential customers.
  • Deals and sales can be sent to all customers with tracking codes to track the success of email campaigns along with systems designed to track which customers are opening the emails and which are ignoring them.
  • A dedicated solution is more stable than having to handle a large number of emails through an integrated email server.
What should I look for in email marketing software or a email marketing tool?
  • How will I benefit from using your email marketing service as compared to sending the emails out from my own email services?
  • How does your service ensure that I am CAN-SPAM compliant? How does your service handle unsubscribes and subscribes internally?
  • What methods are used to track email deliverability to ensure that our list is clean / spam free? How can I track readership over emails being ignored or deleted?
  • What is required from us to integrate the software into our current processes?

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