FrontPage History - FP Version Releases and Vermeer FrontPage Timeline

Microsoft Expression Web Designer CollagePicture of Microsoft Expression Web Designer BoxAs many of you know, we (the SEO Consultants Directory) are avid supporters and advanced users of Microsoft FrontPage.

We've been utilizing and promoting FrontPage since it was Vermeer FrontPage 1.0. We've progressed through all version upgrades; Microsoft FrontPage 1.1, FrontPage 97, FrontPage Express 2.0, FrontPage 98, FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 2002 and FrontPage 2003. We are currently transitioning over to the new Microsoft® Expression® Web Designer (EWD).

Below is a historical timeline of FrontPage from its inception in 1994 (originally developed by Vermeer Technologies, Inc.) to the current release Microsoft® Expression® Web Designer.

Inception of FrontPage - 1st Release - Acquired by Microsoft

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FrontPage Version History

FrontPage Historical Note: Development of the Vermeer FrontPage product began in 1994. 20 months later this happened...

"Charles Ferguson tells what it was like to create Vermeer Technologies, which produced one of the first software products that made creating web pages fairly easy, and then sell it to Microsoft for $133 million some 20 months later."

Picture of Microsoft Expression Web Designer BoxFrontPage Future Releases - Microsoft Expression Web Designer

Microsoft is introducing a new tool, Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, for building SharePoint applications and designing SharePoint sites. This new product - part of the full 2007 Microsoft Office lineup - will join Microsoft Expression Web Designer (to be released 2007/01/18), the next-generation tool for designing dynamic, standard-based Web sites, to deliver a complete set of tools for Web design and development.

Both products are currently in initial beta testing. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is scheduled for release in the second half of this year (2006) at a suggested retail price of USD $299.00 through retail and Microsoft Volume Licensing channels.

Pricing and availability details for Microsoft Expression Web Designer (the replacement for FrontPage) will be announced in the near future.

FrontPage Trivia

Did you know that Vermeer FrontPage was one of the first distributed web content authoring applications developed? That was in 1994.

While many tools are on the market (e.g., SoftQuad HotMetal Pro 2.0, Quarterdeck WebAuthor 2.0, Adobe PageMill 1.0, InContext Spider 1.1) that provide a graphical user interface for the authoring of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format files and layout of associated graphic content, these tools require the user to have direct access to the physical storage of the name space served by a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server. This effectively limits the use of these tools to computers connected to a local area network (LAN) containing the physical storage.

In contrast, an emerging class of tools (e.g., Microsoft FrontPage 1.1, AOLpress / AOLserver 1.1) allows users to save their work directly to an HTTP server, affording a style of work where authors are located remotely to the HTTP server hosting their content. This second class of tools, known as distributed web content authoring applications, were the focus of this working group.

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