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Link building software solutions are created to automate the process of obtaining incoming links for your website. They use preset criteria and list of directories and other informational websites to create a list of potential websites to request a link from along with an automation piece to assist with requesting links.

  • Automation ensures that time is saved as opposed to individually finding each potential link or affiliate to link to.
  • Most solutions can also submit a link request and follow-up using automated functions aimed at ensuring that the link is added within a given amount of time.
  • Reports are generated to help the user understand which links were accepted and which were not for a better maintenance.
What should I look for in link building software or a link building tool?
  • How does the software solution gather information and produce a list of locations to obtain incoming links?
  • How does the software determine the relevance of the incoming links? Are the links quality links or just a large quantity of links?
  • What support is available if I have problems with the software or encounter errors? How often is the software updated for broken links, invalid sources, and other issues?

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