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The SEO Consultants Directory receives it's share of automated and/or canned SEO link exchange requests. These requests come via email and can be officially classified as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email or Email Spam - see CAN-SPAM) and, sending them may be against the law in the United States of America and other countries.

Automated and Canned Link Exchange Requests

We receive our share of automated and canned link exchange requests that are totally irrelevant to the content of our website. Most, if not all, end up being flagged by our email spam filters.

Every now and then we receive automated and/or canned link requests from clueless Internet marketers who claim to be SEOs. The year is 2010, these marketers should know better, and we felt a special section devoted to The Clueless SEO would be in order.

For those of you (claimed SEOs) who continue to practice this type of Internet marketing (Automated and/or Canned Link Exchange Requests), this page is just for you... The Clueless SEO. Keep sending us those Automated Link Exchange Requests, we enjoy receiving them as much as you'll enjoy being listed in this section.

SEO Gold Star What do the Gold Stars mean?

These are companies and/or individuals who are utilizing an automated link development program searching for /links/ in the URI and specifically requested a link on this page (the one you are on) which is...


Can you believe that? Yes, these companies and/or individuals actually requested a link on this page using their automated link development process. All they were searching for were keywords on the page and in the URI. We've "baited" this links section with a /links/ sub-directory that 301's to /links/s/p/a/m/. That is how much value these companies and/or individuals below place in their link development. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Is this the type of link development you're looking for? If so, feel free to send those companies and/or individuals listed below an email. In addition to a "visual link" to their websites, we've conveniently linked their email address so you can quickly contact them. All bots, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are welcome to "index, follow" this page.

2010-02-05 - I'm preparing the 2010 Clueless SEO Directory and should have new link exchanges up in a week or so.

  1. Company: SEM-Service.com (Mike Feng, Link Leprachaun)
    Date Submitted: 2009-12-01
    URI: http://www.sem-service.com/
    Email: sem.mikefeng@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  2. Company: The Rant & Rave (Craig Gee)
    Date Submitted: 2009-09-30
    URI: http://www.therantandrave.net/
    Email: craigygee@therantandrave.net
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  3. Company: CNET Infosystem (Candry Johnson, Webmaster)
    Date Submitted: 2009-09-15
    URI: http://www.cnetinfosystem.com/
    Link to: http://www.economicalseo.com/
    Link from: http://www.kbcommunications.net/links1.htm
    Link from: http://www.kbcommunications.net/links2.htm
    Link from: http://www.sanguinesolutions.net/links1.html
    Link from: http://www.sanguinesolutions.net/links2.html
    Link from: http://www.sysnetinfosystems.com/directory/
    Link from: http://www.creativewebpixels.com/resources/
    Link from: http://www.gagansinghal.com/resources.php
    Link from: http://guaranteedseo.blogspot.com/
    Link from: http://www.businessmantra.biz/
    Link from: http://www.linkdirectoryonline.net/
    Link from: http://www.trademantraa.com/
    Email: johnson.seo@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  4. Company: ExactFactor.com (Jeff W. Scott, Webmaster)
    Date Submitted: 2009-08-31
    URI: http://www.exactfactor.com/
    Link from: http://www.exactfactor.com/automated-seo-saas.aspx
    Email: jeff@exactfactor.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  5. Company: SEO Melbourne (Matt Langford)
    Date Submitted: 2009-08-27
    URI: http://www.seo-melbourne.com/
    Link to:
    Link from:
    Email: team@seo-melbourne.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  6. Company: LinkHelpers/Seo4Law (Jeffrey Tropiano, Sales Manager)
    Date Submitted: 2009-07-31
    URI: http://www.linkhelpers.net/
    Email: jeff@linkhelpers.org
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO Star
  7. Company: Spark IT Solution (Atri Bhattacharyya)
    Date Submitted: 2009-07-31
    URI: http://www.globalcomputersoft.com/
    Link to: http://www.seos.co.in/
    Link from: http://www.globalcomputersoft.com/partners.html
    Email: atri.seo@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  8. Company: SEO Deals (Mike Dillard)
    Date Submitted: 2009-07-27
    URI: http://www.seodeals.com.au/
    Link to: http://www.seodeals.com.au/
    Link to: http://www.clungtechnology.com/
    Link from: http://www.clungtechnology.com/resources/resources_seo.html
    Email: link.seodeals@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  9. Company: The-SEO-Services.com (Jyoti Pavankumar, SEO Manager)
    Date Submitted: 2009-07-23
    URI: http://www.the-seo-services.com/
    Email: jyoti.rankings@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  10. Company: Net Deals Online (Aaron Young)
    Date Submitted: 2009-06-29
    URI: http://www.net-deals-online.com/
    Link to: http://netdealsonline.info/links
    Link from: http://www.net-deals-online.com/links/links-link-partners-8.html
    Email: netdealsonline@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO Star
  11. Company: India Web Media Pro Co. (Nishant Mishra)
    Date Submitted: 2009-06-25
    URI: http://www.indiawebmediapro.com/
    Email: indiawebmedia@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO Star
  12. Company: Mim Tech
    Date Submitted: 2009-06-24
    URI: http://seoindiamumbai.com/
    Email: samdiv12@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO Star
  13. Company: SpySoftware.com aka SEO Depth (Mithilesh)
    Date Submitted: 2009-06-19
    URI: http://www.spysoftware.com/
    Link from: http://www.sarawebpopularity.com/web_development.htm
    Link from: http://www.seodepth.org/Web_Development.html
    Email: mithilesh.seodepth@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  14. Company: Cygnet - Infotech (Bhushan Parikh, SEO Executive)
    Date Submitted: 2009-06-18
    URI: http://www.cygnet-infotech.com/
    Link from: http://www.lms-portal.com/webpartners.html
    Email: bmparikh@cygnet-infotech.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO Star
  15. Company: SEO Nest
    Date Submitted: 2009-06-05
    URI: http://www.seonest.com/
    Link from: http://www.seonest.com/resources.php
    Email: link4rank@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  16. Company: InstaForex (Victor Andronov)
    Date Submitted: 2009-06-03
    URI: http://www.instaforex.com/
    Link from: http://instaforex.com/forex-catalogue.php
    Email: victor.andronov@instaforex.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO Star
  17. Company: SportsandOnlineBets.com (Julian Levi, SEO)
    Date Submitted: 2009-05-28
    URI: http://www.myparkingsign.com/
    Link to: http://www.myparkingsign.com/MPS/Speed_Limit_Signs.aspx
    Link from: http://www.surfgizmo.com/bannerdesigner/bannerdesigner.htm
    Email: parking@sportsandonlinebets.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO Star
  18. Company: LowRateMarketing.net (Balpreet, Online Marketing Manager, MSSPL)
    Date Submitted: 2009-05-26
    Email: balpreet@lowratemarketing.net
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO Star
  19. Company: G.D. Technologies (Rupinder Singh, SEO Link Manager)
    Date Submitted: 2009-05-23
    URI: http://www.gdtechindia.com/
    Link to: http://www.repair-outlook.com/
    Link from: This person earned all 11 stars for sending link inventory blindly.
    Email: parkash@gdtechindia.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO Gold StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  20. Company: Mike Ciaccio Web Site Marketing ... Link "Building" Service
    Date Submitted: 2009-05-04
    URI: http://www.mikeciaccio.com/
    Link to: http://www.2ndamendmentshootingsupply.com/
    Email: linkmanager@mikeciaccio.com
    IP: (sent via http://www.link-assistant.com/)
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  21. Company: Smrankings.com (Shina James, Project Manager)
    Date Submitted: 2009-04-28
    URI: http://www.smrankings.com/
    Link to: http://www.stolenwealthgames.com/
    Email: shina@smrankings.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO Star
  22. Company: SEO Marketing Zone (Assaf Blitz, V.P. of Marketing)
    Date Submitted: 2009-04-06
    URI: http://www.seomarketingzone.com/
    Email: wsrnetwork@gmail.com
    Email: info@seomarketingzone.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO StarSEO Star
  23. Company: DreamDaxSEO.com (Abdul Sazim)
    Date Submitted: 2009-04-02
    URI: http://www.dreamdaxseo.com/
    Email: abdulsazim@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO Star
  24. Company: Link Popularity Matters (Kishore Deshmukh)
    Date Submitted: 2009-03-31
    URI: http://www.linkpopularitymatters.com/
    Email: linkpopularitymatters@gmail.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO Star
  25. Company: What Do I Ask (Stuart Coleman)
    Date Submitted: 2009-03-11
    URI: http://www.whatdoiask.com/
    Link from: http://www.whatdoiask.com/links/
    Email: stu@whatdoiask.com
    SEO Stars Earned: SEO StarSEO Star

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Send us an email (the same email address you so thoughtfully used to send us your unsolicited link exchange request) that contains at least 500 words describing your interpretation of the term UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Links to the official resources on UCE, and CAN-SPAM are suggested. You can also use our secure online contact form for removal requests.

You must include the name of the program that you used to send us your automated and/or canned link exchange request along with a link to the manufacturer's website.

You'll want to surely include a well thought out apology (truly from the heart) to the SEO Consultants Directory Administrator and a blood promise to never, ever, send us your unsolicited link exchange requests again. Now, you have to promise, cross your heart and hope to die, or we won't remove you from the directory.

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