SEO Consultants Directory - Advertising FAQs

Who can advertise?

Approved directory members. Select third party providers that have proved to us that their product/service/resource is of value to our membership and our visitors. Third party providers should contact us directly to request advertising space.

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What methods of advertising are available?

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What type of traffic does the site get? 1.7 Million Visitors/284,000 Keywords

The SEO Consultants Directory launched on 2002 June 01. Our traffic continues to grow at a respectable rate.

Here is a Google Analytics Visitor Overview for the period covering 2009-01-01 through 2009-12-31. Search sent 1,449,405 of those 1,763,226 total visits via 284,718 keywords.

Google Analytics Visitor Overview

At this moment there are 50 visitors browsing the SEO Consultants Directory.

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How much does advertising cost?

Advertising rates vary depending on the type of program you've chosen. For example, our Featured Profile spots are available in 30, 60 and 90 day increments. Once you've submitted your request to become an advertiser, you'll be presented with pricing and payment information.

Featured Profiles are based on a weighted (by percentage) rotational model. There are currently a maximum of ten advertising positions available.

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Content Providers

The SEO Consultants Directory is seeking quality content from approved directory members. You pick the subject (relevant to Internet and/or traditional marketing in general) and we'll build an area on the site around that subject. Or, we can take an existing area of the site and build upon that. This is an excellent opportunity for you to increase your exposure in the directory and at the same time provide a valuable up to date, topic specific, professionally maintained resource for our visitors and members. Here are some examples of areas being managed by our members...

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Where and how do I sign up?

We've provided links to the appropriate sign up areas above. If you are unsure of how to proceed from here, feel free to contact us with any questions and/or comments and we'll be happy to assist you.

Our paid advertisements are designed to provide increased exposure for those directory members (and select third party resources) who have secured an advertising opportunity within the directory.

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