Microformats in 140 Characters or Less

Microformats This article uses a simplified 140 characters or less approach to sharing information about Microformats. I've taken all of my original Tweets about Microformats and have expanded them to include links to authoritative references for more information.

This document has Fragment IDs assigned to all Tweets for quick one click reference e.g. http://www.seoconsultants.com/microformats/140#S9682824372

hCard Microformats: Tweets

  1. hReview rating and rating_bar - The Stars http://Yoast.com/implement-hreview-wordpress-theme/#therating
    6:27 AM Mar 1st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9826743048
  2. Discussion http://www.WebmasterWorld.com/google/4087893.htm / http://www.SEOConsultants.com/Microformats/140 or less.
    7:35 PM Feb 28th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9807929964
  3. When writing about use camelCasing e.g. vCard, hCard, hProduct, hReview, hCalendar. When naming markup classes use lower case.
    7:34 AM Feb 28th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9780288163
  4. Where are the search engines getting some of their data from? http://Microformats.org/wiki/hcard-supporting-user-profiles
    9:45 AM Feb 26th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9688418129
  5. vCard, hCard, hProduct, hReview / These are the main formats you'll want to implement now, don't wait any longer.
    7:55 AM Feb 26th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9683588265
  6. Google is experimenting with markup for product data. http://Twuna.com/hCard-Products
    7:38 AM Feb 26th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9682824372
  7. What's nice about Microformats over RDFa is that you can utilize the class names for styling, that's a BIG advantage.
    1:56 PM Feb 25th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9645206564
  8. Google recognizes the following Properties for Microformats/RDFa http://Twuna.com/RDFa-Products / Currently in Beta.
    1:52 PM Feb 25th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9645060481
  9. Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool http://www.Google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
    1:42 PM Feb 25th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9644666817
  10. rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me" rel="me"
    10:54 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9439845031
  11. class, class, SHUT UP!
    10:35 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9439195587
  12. Basic slideshow for those wanting an overview of hCard formats. http://www.xFront.com/microformats/hCard.html < It's good.
    10:19 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9438649300
  13. <cite> me baby! <cite class="vcard"><span class="fn">Edward Lewis</span></cite> Memorize the fn property, it is required.
    10:13 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9438425680
  14. Author URI Example <address class="vcard"><a class="fn url" href="http://pageoneresults.com/">Edward Lewis</a></address>
    9:39 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9437276988
  15. I'm marking up extensive video libraries (1,000+ titles) using http://Microformats.org/wiki/video-info-examples That was easy.
    9:24 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9436751191
  16. http://Microformats.org/code/hcard/creator < Quickest way to get started. Don't be frightened. Clean up generated code too.
    9:00 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9435936435
  17. Name property is mandatory for hCard <div class="vcard"><span class="fn">Edward Lewis</span></div> Memorize and utilize.
    8:46 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9435473040
  18. The <span> element and class="" attribute will haunt you in your dreams. You'll have a class="" for almost every element.
    8:44 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9435393518
  19. 20+ hours of refining, implementing and, mastering hCard/vCard. Lots of info to share. Just stopped by to say hello. Ciao!
    8:04 AM Feb 21st, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9434033061
  20. Google and Microformats: Drive More Traffic http://yoast.com/?p=1966 RT @EdWords @yoast BY @w3edge / Study and implement RDFa and Microformats.
    12:15 PM Feb 18th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9299139655
  21. I think I'm going to have some fun using Microformats. <a rev="vote-against"> Hmmm.
    8:32 PM Feb 14th, 2010 http://twitter.com/pageoneresults/statuses/9126864188


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