2010-04-12 - Did someone just link to you? How dare they! But wait, what kind of link was it? Did some juvenile pick up a document from your site and possibly misinterpret the meaning of it? It can happen as evidenced below.

Here's a tip on how to deal with these types of inbound links from juvenile delinquents.

reddit WTF?! Real Time Exercise - reddit Folks Love Me!

Over the weekend, my now famous Twitter TOS was picked up by some juvenile at reddit, it went viral from there, like a MySpace kind of viral. What's the average age at reddit? Rhetoric question.

Other juveniles joined in and ran a Python script against my Twitter account in a lame attempt to disrupt my flow, yawn. They were Tweeting Your Mother... quips over a period of a few hours. These particular folks haven't a clue, do they? I must have BLOCKED at least 50 of the little Twats since this started on 2010-04-09. Here's the topic at reddit...

BREAKING! WTF?!?! This guy has his own twitter "terms of service".. Rule 1: Do not follow me.

In less than 24 hours, reddit have sent 3,746 Visitors to my Twitter TOS document alone. Two of them traversed the site and made purchases via two of my affiliate programs, that's awesome, thank you!

3,746 Visitors
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How To Do HTTP_REFERER Jacking

Jacking: To take possession of something surreptitiously.
HTTP_REFERER Jacking: To take possession of referring visitors surreptitiously.

Since there are 50+ of these juveniles having fun at my expense, I thought I might as well join in, get juvenile myself, and have some fun too.

As of I am currently jacking the referers from reddit, they are being redirected (302 Found) to this article.

RewriteCond %HTTP_REFERER .*reddit.*
RewriteRule (.*) /reddit [I,L]

What does the above rule do? It allows me to take referers from reddit and redirect them wherever I wish. Right now I've been restrained in the redirect destinations. Once the business week (2010-04-12) begins, I'm going to throw a few surprises into the mix.

Note: The above How To assumes that you have the knowledge and/or resources available to add the above HTTP_REFERER rule to your .htaccess file (ISAPI_Rewrite 3.0) or .ini file (ISAPI_Rewrite 2.0), for those folks on Windows. For those of you on Apache, see the Apache Web Server Forum Library at WebmasterWorld for more information on redirecting website visitors based on referrer.

The RewriteRule (.*) /reddit contains the dynamics for a variety of destinations to be posted while the above reddit topic progresses. It contains a 302 Found directive as I want to maintain the integrity of the original Twitter TOS link while redirecting those reddit referrers to different destination documents.

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The Outcome

One of two things will happen, reddit Administrators will remove the topic due to the redirects or, the topic will drop into oblivion and I'll continue to serve the dynamic referer jacking. At some point, maybe they'll tire of it all and just nuke the topic?

I was looking at some scripts that will take down most browsers and I've found some pretty nasty ones. Surely reddit doesn't want outbound links that crash their visitors browsers, do they?

I know what you're thinking, Why penalize the visitors from reddit? Because they deserve it! One person in that entire topic got IT. After sending reddit REFERERs to the classic Rickroll video initially, this response was posted in reply to, Wait. Did he seriously just try and Rick Roll us?

Oh he is doing it, alright. And about his original page, he was being controversial - rule #1 of linkbaiting. It worked.

I Rickrolled the reds, it was a true SEO Classic!

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