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Founded in 1997, Beyond Ink provides global search engine marketing consulting; removing problems, improving site optimization in 20 languages and 40 countries.

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Company: Beyond Ink LLC
Contact: Anne F. Kennedy, Managing Partner
Address: PO Box 7876
Portland, Maine 04112-7876, United States

Tel: 1-207-699-5770
Contact URI:

About Beyond Ink LLC

Since 1997, Beyond Ink has been providing search engine marketing services to companies across the country to bring fundamental principles of marketing communications to online media.

With both mastery of the fundamentals and a track record of successful SEO strategies that keep pace with the industry's rapid changes, Beyond Ink is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultancy specializing in technical SEO for algorithmic (also called natural or organic) search.

Beyond Ink operates from Portland, Maine headquarters and Portland, Oregon.

Training and/or Education

Founder and Managing Partner Anne Kennedy earned Certified Internet Professional (C.I.P.) status from Novell in 1997, and has a degree in Radio Television and Film from Northwestern University, with continued studies in design and marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology and New York University.

Founding partner Gene Ehrbar is a graduate of Duke University, and has trained in comprehensive areas of programming web applications.

Partner Shane Borelli is a graduate of University of New Hampshire and completed certification in website development at Northeastern Technical Institute.

Website and/or Graphic Design Experience

Beyond Ink consultants have up to 10 years of experience in website promotion. In addition, we are familiar with a variety of design applications, including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop and all web programing languages.

Technical Experience

Beyond Ink provides free open source tools for developers, such as a site search optimizer at and 301 redirect codes at


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Beyond Ink SEO consulting includes:

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