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Company: SEO Workers
Contact: John S. Britsios, Web Architect and Internet Marketing Consultant
Address: Willi-Stoer Str. 4
Augsburg, Bavaria D-86159, Germany

Tel: 0049-821-4082715
Contact URI:

About SEO Workers

SEO Workers consultants are a group of industry leaders in professional web site design, e-Commerce solutions, search engine optimization and marketing.

Each consultant has a specialized strength working with search engines, multimedia development and production, social media program management and optimizing for organic search engine rankings.

Training and/or Education

In 2001, I graduated from the German Academy Brueschke in Bielefeld as a Specialist for Multimedia Office Communication. The same year, I graduated from the Academy of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielefeld as a Web Project Manager (IHK).

Additionally, in 2003 I passed an exam at in Web Design Concepts. Also, in 2003 I passed my test at as a Master Web Designer for Accessibility.

In the same year, I completed an online course of study at Carleton University, Sprott School of Business in Usability Testing.

In the year 2004, I completed an online course of study at the Florida State University and was approved for the Florida State University Webmaster Certification.

Website and/or Graphic Design Experience

SEO Workers are continuously concerned with up-to-date web standards and best practices. Designing and optimizing web sites to be human and search engine friendly using valid and semantically correct code is always our top goal:

Technical Experience


Community Involvement (Social Media, Fora)

Consultant Comments

To schedule a meeting with me for consulting on your website, fill out the online form at or call me at:

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