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Below is a listing of the top search engines in Canada.

Last modified: 2010-09-08

Canadian Search Engine Statistics - What Market Share?

According to 2010 August 28 figures from Hitwise (Top Search Engines by Volume).

2010 Google CA Bing Google Yahoo! CA Ask Total
2010-08-28 77.77% 6.00% 4.97% 4.64% 3.84% 97.22%
2010-07-31 77.64% 6.12% 4.96% 4.60% 3.92% 97.24%
2010-06-26 77.13% 6.43% 4.95% 4.75% 4.00% 97.26%
2010-05-22 76.63% 6.80% 5.03% 4.81% 3.99% 97.26%

Canadian Search Engines (Spider Based)

  1. AltaVista Canada
    Submit: http://ca-en.altavista.com/addurl/

    Search Canadian results or all of AltaVista. Powered by Yahoo.

  2. AOL Canada
    Canadian only and International results powered by Google.
  3. Google Canada
    Submit: http://www.google.ca/addurl.html

    Google Canada offers users the ability to search all of Google or just pages from Canada.

  4. Sympatico
    Owned by Bell Canada. Search International or just Canada in English and French. Sponsored results provided by Overture.
  5. Yahoo! Canada
    Free Submit: http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request/
    Express Submit: http://add.yahoo.com/fast/add?+Business
    Site Match: http://www.content.overture.com/d/USm/ays/sm.jhtml

    Submitting to the Yahoo! directory costs $299.00 USD via Express Submit. Canadian sites get Canadian designation in the Yahoo.ca directory.

    The Yahoo! index is powered by Yahoo!. Search all of Yahoo! or just pages from Canada.

Top Canadian search engines information on this page is subject to change without notice.


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