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Below is a listing of the top search engines in Italy along with links to the Add/Submit URL pages.

Last modified: 2005-12-09

Top Search Engines in Italy

  1. Google
    Search: http://www.google.it/
    Submit: http://www.google.it/addurl/
    Reach: 59%
  2. MSN
    Search: http://search.msn.it/
    Submit: http://search.msn.it/docs/submit.aspx
    Reach: 25%
  3. Virgilio - Italian Search Engine and Directory - Powered by a mix of Google, Yellow Pages and the Virgilio Directory.
    Search: http://search.virgilio.it/
    Submit: http://wmc.virgilio.it/wmc/jsp/index.jsp
    Reach: 24%
  4. Arianna - Libero - Italian Search Engine - Enhanced by Google
    Search: http://arianna.libero.it/
    Submit: http://arianna.libero.it/addurl/inserisci.html
    Reach: 17%
  5. Yahoo! - Free submission to the directory only.
    Search: http://it.yahoo.com/
    Submit: http://it.search.yahoo.com/free/request
    Reach: 11%
  6. IlTrovatore - Web Directory and Search Engine, free submit and first place positioning via "QueryPosition" on a pay per click basis.
    Search: http://www.iltrovatore.it/
    Submit: http://webmaster.iltrovatore.it/

Top Italian search engines information on this page is subject to change without notice.


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