2006 WebmasterWorld Topic - 101 Signals of Quality Series

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2005-12-19 - From Brett Tabke, Administrator of WebmasterWorld...

"Over the next few months we (WebmasterWorld Members, Moderators and Administrators) will be taking a look at the top 101 criteria we feel the major search engines use to rank web pages. 101 is a good number as we feel the majority of the search engine criteria fall into a general clump of that many."

101 Signals of Quality - WebmasterWorld Supporters Forum

101 Signals of QualityAdmin Note: This series of search engine optimization and search engine marketing topics discussing the 101 Signals of Quality is being brought to you by the WebmasterWorld Supporters Forum.

The WebmasterWorld Supporters Forum requires a 6 month ($89.00 USD) or 12 month ($149.00 USD) Subscription to WebmasterWorld. The first topic concerning the <title> element is worth the 12 month subscription alone.

  1. The Webpage Title
    Signal 001 - 2006-01-04 - "The title is a users gateway to your page. It is the onramp that we all must get on (click) to reach any page listed on a SERP. If you get nothing else from this site or this series get this. The story of the page title, is the story of your page."
  2. Keywords in File Path
    Signal 002 - 2006-01-10 - "Next up, we are going to walk down the long list of "keyword" signal locations that SE's have used historically. I am going to keep reminding you, that this series is about finding a good middle ground where you can build it and forget it."


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