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SEO Training 2010-04-22 - If you're an SEO looking to become Certified, you've come to the best place on the Internet to start training for your coveted SEO Certification.

Note: This is the ONLY State Board SEO Certification program available today.

State Board for Certification of SEOs

Meeting the certification, training and resource needs of SEOs.

The SEO Certification Board...

Anyone interested in becoming a Certified SEO may obtain exam dates and an application from the DEP staff. Any Certified SEO with questions regarding SEO Certification or SEO training credits that are necessary to remain certified should contact the DEP staff.

SEO candidates and Certified SEOs may obtain information about training courses and schedules from PSATS.

For more information about becoming a Certified SEO, please visit the Official SEO Certification website at

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Certified by the State Board for Certification of SEOs

SEOs are certified by the State Board for Certification of SEOs board members. SEO Certification is obtained after a candidate successfully completes the Precertification Academy and passes the certification examination.

SEO Certifications are renewed every two years. Successful completion of continuing education as specified by the department is required for certificate renewal.

Note: Persons with lapsed SEO Certification are not allowed to perform SEO duties under the Sewage Facilities Act.

SEO Resources of Interest

  1. SEO Field Manual - The SEO Field Manual contains instructions and procedures to assist SEOs with their duties in the field. This manual may also serve as a resource to help others understand what the SEO must do to follow the DEP regulations.

    Note: One copy of the SEO Field Manual is provided free of charge to SEOs who are employed or contracted by a municipality, township, county, or any group that is considered a local agency by DEP.

    Additionally, the SEO Field Manual may be purchased for $40.00 USD by placing an order with PSATS. Payment is required with each order. You cannot be billed at a later date.

  2. SEO List by County - Search for Certified SEOs at the DEP. The local agency must employ a Certified SEO to issue or deny permits for all OLSDS within its jurisdiction.


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