How do I become a Certified SEO Consultant?

2009-02-27 - Little did we know that our coverage of SEO Certifications would lead to a bit of confusion for more than a few SEOs. At least once a week we receive requests from Boot Camp SEOs asking how to get listed in the directory or lately, How do I become a Certified SEO?

Certified SEO Company - How do we get listed?

Below is a recent exchange of communications between the SEO Consultants Directory and a prospective company who got in touch with us via our contact form. This is a verbatim email communication timeline so you can see how direct we are when dealing with these types of requests.

  1. 2009-02-24 at 19:25 PST - L.M. from Florida initial contact request...

    Hi, we would like to be certified as a SEO Company, what do we have to do? At the same time we would like to know how could we have our company added to your consultants directories.

  2. 2009-02-24 at 19:36 PST - First directory response...

    Admin Note: The above is a recent addition to our Submission Guidelines. The number of these types of requests continues to increase and we just respond now with the one link and no further explanation. We don't have the time to do any hand holding which immediately disqualifies prospective members from being considered for a listing. An SEO asking how to get listed in the SEO Consultants Directory?

  3. 2009-02-24 at 19:39 PST - L.M. from Florida first reply...

    Hi Edward, thank you for your quick reply. Does the $200 if accepted as an SEO Consultant include the certification?

  4. 2009-02-24 at 19:58 PST - Second directory response...

    Which Certification are you referring to? We don't offer a certification. I'll assume you didn't read the information on the pages you were browsing. Nor did you read the information at the link we sent you previously. Based on these communications you would not qualify for a listing in the directory. Thank you for your interest.

  5. 2009-02-24 at 20:11 PST - L.M. from Florida second reply...

    I actually did read the guidelines and this ( is the certification I'm talking about or isn't that your domain and aren't you Edward Lewis the person that posted that article? You shouldn't be assuming so quickly!

  6. 2009-02-24 at 20:20 PST - Final directory response...

    As I suspected, you did not read the information. The link you referenced is part of a series and just happens to be towards the end of it.

    Here, try these on for size. If you want a Certificate, there are various providers listed on these pages who will gladly sell you one...

    1. Start here...
    2. Then go here...
    3. And then our Certificate here...

    Now, I've taken the time to respond thus far and it is clear that you are not ready to be certified. But, the resources listed here like ExpertRating and are most likely what you are looking for.

    We're glad to be of service, thank you.

There were no further communications after that. Yes, we are forthright in our communications and I think our delivery is appropriate based on the circumstances. Here you've got a person and/or company who wishes to become a member of the SEO Consultants Directory. Their very first question to us via our contact form was; How could we have our company added to your consultants directories? Well, we have obvious links in both the left and footer navigation elements that have the anchor text Submit URI. I can accept a few not understanding what the initials URI are but, the word Submit is self-explanatory in most languages.


  1. 2009-02-27 - L.M. from Florida third reply...

    I'm writing to apologize. The humiliation is completely deserved. It was a mixture of late night laziness and tired brain. I really appreciate the time you spent answering my worthless questions and now I completely understand your tone. I'm sure you receive hundreds of emails every day from imbeciles like me that don't take the proper time to read the entire posts and follow the links. I should have kept my mouth shut after the first reply and read carefully the entire process and all the links.

    I was looking to purchase certifications for obvious marketing reasons and your site came up in the first results, I did not take the proper time to read the entire post and only rapidly went through the submission guidelines.

    Again I apologize for the time you spent and for not taking you and your website more seriously.

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Results Guaranteed Results Guaranteed

We decided to take a few moments of our valuable time and we performed a cursory review of this prospective members website for this article. What we found is what we have come to expect from consultants and/or companies asking how to get listed in the SEO Consultants Directory. And get this, they offer an SEO Guarantee, something we just recently covered at the directory. An SEO offering an SEO Guarantee asking how to get listed in the SEO Consultants Directory?

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Drill SargeantBoot Camp SEOs

While sleeping, I could generate a respectable income stream selling SEO Certifications. All I'd need to do is wrap our Knowledge Tests Module into a subscription based platform and generate an Official SEO Certificate each time a group of tests were passed successfully. How cool would that be?

I mean, we could charge $199.00 USD per certification to start, and capture a very large audience of Boot Camp SEOs. As long as it looks official, and they are consuming online tests that are challenging, I think we're good to go!

SheepWe could even throw in a quarterly graduation ceremony that is highly publicized and have the Top 10 Graduating SEO Consultants category. That section could then be used by Fortune 1000 SEO Recruiters as a source for prospective candidates. Snicker, Snicker

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Be it known that your peers in the SEO Consultants Directory
and by the virtue of the authority vested in them do hereby confer recognition upon...

as a member in good standing, with all rights and privileges set forth in the
SEO Consultants Directory guidelines, in witness whereof we have
hereunto affixed our name(s) and the seal of the directory.

Certified SEO Consultant

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