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2009-02-26 - What's our view on SEO Guarantees? We recently alerted our members that if they offered an SEO Guarantee, they would be removed from the directory on 2009-03-01, no questions asked.

SEO GUARANTEE 100% MONEY BACK NO Offering SEO Guarantees? - You're Outta Here!

As of 2009-03-01, the SEO Consultants Directory will no longer accept submissions where the prospective member offers guaranteed search engine rankings. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

Existing SEO Consultants Directory Members who offer SEO Guarantees, let this be a warning shot over the bow. On 2009-03-01 we will be performing a directory sweep. Those members offering SEO Guarantees will be removed. Let this Member Announcement serve as your official notice as there will be no further communication on your removal.

SEO Snake OilYou're welcome to rant about our decision to remove you at your Blog, on Twitter, wherever, just send me a link so I can opine.

SEO Snake Oil Guaranteed

We've somehow missed these types of deceiving SEO Guarantees in the past and after reading a couple of them recently, we're convinced they are gimmicks and fall under our "Misleading Marketing Language" submission guideline, they're basically SEO Snake Oil. It doesn't matter how long you've been with us either, we don't care. When we make a decision like this, it applies to everyone, there are no favorites.

Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings

Important: This article discusses SEO Guarantees ONLY and does not cover any other product and/or service guarantees that may be offered by an SEO consultant and/or SEO company. Guaranteed search engine rankings are what we're specifically referring to, please don't misinterpret the message, thank you.

STOPSEO Guarantees are a myth.
STOP perpetrating the myth!

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