Search Engine Marketing Standards of Excellence

"Standards: Something, such as a practice or a product, that is widely recognized or employed, especially because of its excellence."

Is the search engine marketing industry ready for a Standards Organization? We've listed some of the most common questions below that are adamantly discussed at various search engine marketing communities on the Internet.

Common Questions Associated with Standards in our Industry

These are all questions that I see frequently and, that I ask myself while reviewing topics that center around this issue. Do you think the search engine marketing industry is ready for a Standards Organization? If so, what will those standards be?

Developing a Set of Standards for the Search Engine Marketing Industry

Could we (the SEO Consultants Directory), as a collective (the SEO Consultants Directory Membership) develop those standards? Would we be taken seriously or would it be another failed attempt? Anyone out there seriously willing to give it a try?

The SEO Consultants Directory is highly motivated to provide the outlet for exposure. We would need our membership to be actively involved in the development and maintenance of any such standards. Of course we cannot dictate to others in this industry what they should and should not do. But, we can at least develop a set of general guidelines and/or standards that can be viewed by the public and endorsed by our membership. We will probably come under heavy fire from some in the industry. That's okay, we are prepared to diplomatically deal with any issues that may arise.

We've put a lot of time into following most of the standards discussions out there. We've also put many hours into researching and comparing related industry standards where applicable. From that research, we've come to one conclusion, any such standards need to be developed by those within the search engine marketing industry. It cannot be an outside organization, nor can it be an organization that is not intimately involved with our industry on a regular basis.

There are some caveats to this proposition. Many will feel that any standards developed by our community would not be representative of the whole. We realize we may be opening up a can of worms by attempting to develop any standards. Would it be worth our time and effort? Would it be worth "your" time and effort?

Not a Best Practices Crusade

Let us make one point clear, this is not an attempt to police the industry. That in itself would require a very large organization backed by some heavy VC. We have financial support, but not at the level we would need to undertake such a large task. Also, it is not something we would really feel comfortable doing. Our goal is merely to provide a solid foundation for the development of standards and/or guidelines that would be endorsed by our membership and possibly others.

If you've read this far, that probably means you have interest in what we are proposing. If that is the case, send us an email (to the address you have on file for us, or use our contact form) letting us know your thoughts on the issues we've addressed above and any others you feel are pertinent. We would first like to get a feel from our membership as to whether or not we are barking up the wrong tree as they say. Is it time? Or, should we let it go? Are we (the SEO Consultants Directory Membership) the right people to start the ball rolling?


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