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Stop! Are you sure that you've read our Submission Guidelines? If not, now is the time to do so. We do have stringent guidelines and a high percentage of URI submissions we receive do not qualify for a listing in this directory.

As of 2010-09-21 we have 765 active members and 35 prospective members who have not been approved for a listing since our initial launch on 2002-06-01.

Submitting a URI for review confirms that you have read and agree to our Submission Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Use.

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RSVP By Invitation Only

Effective 2010-05-01, we are no longer accepting paid submissions. Inclusion into the SEO Consultants Directory is By Invitation Only. You're welcome to contact us and request an Invitation but please, don't waste our time when doing so.

Receiving an Invitation DOES NOT guarantee inclusion into the directory. We are going to assume that you have reviewed our strict Submission Guidelines and you meet and/or exceed our inclusion criteria.

If you are submitting a URI for a website that displays in a language other than English, please allow an additional 1-3 business days for our reviewing editors to perform proper language translations.

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What Type of Traffic? 1.7 Million Visitors/284,000 Keywords

Here is a Google Analytics Visitor Overview for the period covering 2009-01-01 through 2009-12-31. Search sent 1,449,405 of those 1,763,226 total visits via 284,718 keywords.

Google Analytics Visitor Overview

There are 50 visitors currently browsing the SEO Consultants Directory.

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