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The SEO Consultants Directory is a Vertical Industry Portal providing information and resources for the search engine marketing industry.

Our intention is to provide the Internet public with a directory of SEO Consultants and SEM Companies from around the world. This is not a vortal for everyone. We are looking for quality search engine marketing companies and search engine optimization consultants who have proven track records in the industry.

Submission Guidelines

If your website promotes or displays awards, badges, or certifications from PromotionWorld,, or ExpertRating, DO NOT submit to our directory. You WILL NOT receive a Directory Invitation if these badges are present.

Submission Guidelines are subject to change with notice and were last modified: 2010-04-30

Do not submit your website to the SEO Consultants Directory if...

  1. It is under construction.
  2. It is an affiliate program.
  3. It contains nothing more than links to third party websites.
  4. It is difficult to read (9px/10px/11px type) or navigate, contains broken links.
  5. It promotes our interpretation of what may not be considered best practices in the SEO/SEM industry.
  6. It advertises the use of gateway pages, doorway pages, or bridge pages, a practice which may be considered spam by the major search engines and directories as stated in their published guidelines.
  7. It advertises, promotes, or contains links to other website properties and/or third party affiliations that promote the service of automatic site submissions to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of search engines, directories and/or FFA's/link farms.
  8. It contains marketing language, methods, experience, or pricing structures which may mislead the visitor. An example of misleading would be the offer of SEO guarantees.
  9. It has little to no meaningful content; one or two pages specific to SEO/SEM, or; contains little to no original content specific to the SEO/SEM industry.
  10. It contains keyword stuffed HTML Comments Tags <!-- Keyword Stuffed Comments Here --> or any form of metadata abuse and/or misuse based on our interpretation of the guidelines set forth by the W3C, WAI, WCAG, Section 508, and the DCMI.
  11. It contains the <meta name="revisit-after" content=""> metadata element. If your site contains any variation of the revisit-after META tag, we will decline the submission without further review. If you need to ask us why we will decline the submission, that may be further evidence that you may not qualify for a listing in the SEO Consultants Directory.
  12. It advertises and/or promotes the use of third party products and/or services like those such as LinkMaps, Zeus, etc. Products and/or services such as these may be in conflict with the published Quality Guidelines of the major search engines and directories.

    Note: If you have a Links Directory attached to your site, we may decline your listing.

    Here are a partial list of areas that we are reviewing as part of the process of including websites in the SEO Consultants Directory.

  13. Overall Internet Presence
    We are reviewing the general layout structure of websites along with the look and feel. If it has a Mom and Pop feel, we may decline your request. If you are going to represent the SEO/SEM industry, then it is suggested that you invest some time in your own website first, before promoting your services to the Internet public. It is only natural that you set an example.
  14. HTML/XHTML/CSS Structure
    We are reviewing the HTML/XHTML/CSS of all websites. W3C icons or other authoritative industry icons indicating that you've validated your HTML, XHTML, and/or CSS are a plus, but not a requirement. If the W3C icons are displayed on your site, and it does not validate, we will send you one complimentary email to correct the errors or remove the icons. We suggest you verify validation before submitting your website for review.

    2010 Addendum: If your website FAILS miserably for Markup Validation, 100s of markup errors and/or a large percentage of potentially fatal errors, there is a strong chance you will be declined a listing. ANY and ALL documents Missing <alt> Attributes are a clear sign that you may not be qualified for a listing in the directory.

  15. General Content
    We are reading actual content. Our reviewers are knowledgeable in the SEO/SEM industry and know what they are looking for. Your site should speak the industry language, and it should be obvious from your home page that you are specializing in SEO - Search Engine Optimization and/or SEM - Search Engine Marketing. First impressions are lasting impressions!

    Make sure your content is up to date, we will decline submissions or remove existing members (with advance notice to correct the issues) if we find content that is outdated (within reason). Last modified dates on pages are a plus, but not a requirement. We highly recommend this practice. Consumers are looking for up to date information.

    Last modified: 2010-10-02T09:27:15-0700
    We utilize the ISO 8601 International Standard Date and Time Notation.

  16. Web Page Download Times
    We are reviewing web page download times periodically. Keep in mind that a 56k dialup is still a widely used connection speed. You also have mobile browsing devices to be concerned about.
  17. Affiliate Programs and/or Other Website Properties
    We understand the premise and concepts of promoting third party products and/or services. We don't understand why some need to plaster those affiliate links all over the home pages of their websites and dilute the message being sent. If your website falls in this category, do not submit to this directory. We are here to provide quality traffic to the SEO Consultants and SEM Companies listed in the directory, not to third party affiliates and/or additional properties you may own, who may or may not agree to these Submission Guidelines and/or our Legal Terms and Conditions of Use.

    If you have prominent links to other website properties that are part of your network, whether they are owned by you, or members of your network, and those properties promote products and/or services that may be considered inappropriate and/or contain little to no value, then do not submit to this directory of select search engine marketing professionals.

  18. Forum Participation
    We are checking to see if you are a member at any of the popular SEO Forums and/or Social Media Networks (there are other search engine marketing forums not posted on our site). Please indicate your username (nic, moniker) in the Comments section of the URI Submission Form along with a link to your profile.

    We've participated at various SEO/SEM Forums since the late 90's and know most of you by the username that you post under. Forum participation is a plus, but not a requirement.

  19. URI Submission Quality
    The quality of your submission data will have a direct impact on your Peer Review. Please review your entered data carefully before pressing the submit button. URI submissions that contain typos in titles, descriptions, URIs and/or email addresses may not be accepted.
  20. SEO Best Practices
    Last but not least, we hope that you are practicing safe SEO/SEM. Not only for your sake, but for your clients sake, and most importantly, the visitors to our directory.
  21. Terms and Conditions of Use
    Once you've read and understand the above Submission Guidelines, we will then direct you to our Terms and Conditions of Use. Your participation in the SEO Consultants Directory indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to the above guidelines, and our Terms and Conditions of Use.
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All URI Submissions are currently being reviewed within 5-7 business days (add an additional 1-3 business days for websites requiring translation).

The SEO Consultants Directory reserves the right to temporarily, or permanently remove, any member(s) who may violate the above Submission Guidelines and/or our Terms and Conditions of Use. We do perform ongoing reviews (Roving Editors) of our members to insure the quality and integrity of the directory.

We will send a confirming email to the consultant(s) and/or company(ies) in violation of the above Submission Guidelines explaining the reason for removal. You are entitled to appeal our decision once, and we will give careful consideration to your request.

Admin Note: The above does not apply in instances where we've sent Member Announcements alerting you to possible directory listing removal issues.

I/We have read the above Submission Guidelines along with the Terms and Conditions of Use. I/We agree to these terms and would like to Submit a URI for review and inclusion into the SEO Consultants Directory.

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RSVP How To Get Listed in the SEO Consultants Directory

Inclusion in the SEO Consultants Directory is By Invitation Only.

If you send us a Contact Request and ask us how to get listed in the SEO Consultants Directory, we will reply to that request and send you directly to this section of the Directory Submission Guidelines.

There is a link in the left navigation menu (For SEO Consultants) that is titled Submit URI for Review. There is also a link in the footer of all pages that is titled Submit URI. If you were sent directly to this "How To Get Listed" section, that means as of you already have -10 points working against you just for asking how to get listed in the directory. We work on a 100 point scale.

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