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Edward Lewis and his team of seasoned professionals have built a solid reputation in the SEO community for their independent vetting of member firms and their longstanding support of the search engine marketing industry.

It is not only an honor to be included in their benchmark directory, but it's returned tangible results, fully 10% of our referrals each year come from the SEO Consultants Directory.

I personally look forward to working with Edward as the directory continues to grow. I also look forward to the quality leads that it continues to provide.

Gary McAvoy, CEO
Consultants Profile / Seattle, Washington / United States

JE Hochman & Associates LLCJE Hochman & Associates LLC

Our listing in the SEO Consultants Directory is the best marketing investment we've ever made. When people contact us, we always ask how they found our site. When "suspects" find us through a search engine, only 10% convert to sales, because so many of them are unqualified. With prospects referred by the SEO Consultants Directory, we've seen an 80% close rate.

Referrals from the SEO Consultants Directory are better qualified, and tend to have larger budgets. They've already decided to buy SEO services, and recognize that we are a legitimate source of SEO services because they found us in a peer reviewed directory. If they have a geographic preference, they may have selected us because of our location. By using the SEO Consultants Directory to generate visibility, we've improved the efficiency of our sales process.

We're getting web development shops and corporations who require a steady stream of SEO services. These opportunities are much better than one-shot clients who don't understand SEO and may not be ready to commit the necessary budget.

Jonathan Hochman, Owner
JE Hochman & Associates LLC
Consultants Profile / Farmington, Connecticut / United States


We have been a member of the SEO Consultants Directory for less than a year and can attest to the fact that it provides a great source of leads.

With the membership in place, we have received numerous new leads from our trading area that have converted into clients. We have also had existing leads use the SEO Consultants Directory to check us out. We've even had leads sent to us from the directory that had forgotten that they had talked to us, or had a different person in charge.

Being a member also provides some legitimacy of course, and we use our membership as a way to show prospects and clients, our ongoing commitment to search engine optimization and marketing. It's obvious from the leads received that our prospects view the SEO Consultants Directory as a reputable resource, and therefore its members. It is without question that we will remain members.

Keep up the good work! Best regards, Fred.

Fred Yee, President
Consultants Profile / Calgary, Alberta / Canada

Zunch Communications IncZunch Communications Inc

As a result of advertising with the SEO Consultants Directory, we have consistently seen referral traffic to our website. Of further note, our industry needs unbiased and objective directories like the SEO Consultants Directory to help firms seeking direction on search engine marketing make their own decisions about which company to choose for their search engine marketing needs.

Through their unique Peer Review Network, the SEO Consultants Directory allows healthy competition while weeding out the "black hats" that give search engine optimization a bad name. Firms seeking search engine marketing professionals know that companies advertising with the SEO Consultants Directory have been carefully "screened" by peers. The result is a win-win situation for the advertisers and the clients seeking reputable search engine optimization firms. I know I can trust the SEO Consultants Directory to represent our industry in the best light.

I would encourage all search engine marketing firms, no matter the size, to consider supporting the SEO Consultants Directory.

John G. Sanchez, Chairman & CEO
Zunch Communications, Inc.
Consultants Profile / Dallas, Texas / United States

Netpaths IncNetpaths Web Development

I have received a substantial amount of business that I can attribute directly to the SEO Consultants Directory.

The founders of the SEO Consultants Directory deserve much thanks from the SEO community for providing a stellar, unbiased resource. Not only does it benefit quality SEO firms, but also businesses looking to hire online marketing companies. The SEO Consultants Directory is the best objective directory of search engine optimization firms.

Cayley Vos, Owner
Netpaths Inc
Torrance, California / United States


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