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DNSreport - Generate a DNS Report for your domain. A large percentage of domains have DNS problems which can lead to severe issues in a search engine marketing campaign. This site will help you find DNS problems and fix them.

"On 2008 July 08, Tuesday, technology vendors from across the industry will simultaneously release patches for their products to close a major vulnerability in the underpinnings of the Internet. While most home users will be automatically updated, it's important for all businesses to immediately update their networks.

This is the largest synchronized security update in the history of the Internet, and is the result of hard work and dedication across dozens of organizations."

"An attacker with the ability to conduct a successful cache poisoning attack can cause a nameserver's clients to contact the incorrect, and possibly malicious, hosts for particular services. Consequently, web traffic, email, and other important network data can be redirected to systems under the attacker's control."

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Enter domain or host name or IP

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IP Information

Shows info about an IP, including city and country

Enter IP

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Traces the route packets take to this host.

Enter host name (or IP)

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Free Email Lookup

Is an Email address a known free one?

Enter Email address or domain

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Country IP Range Lookup

Enter Country (e.g. 'cn' or 'china')

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Random Number Generator

Enter # of bits (1->1024)

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RFC Lookup

Enter RFC number (e.g. 821)

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URI Deobfuscator

Deobfuscates confusing URIs

Enter URI

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Country Tool

Enter country or TLD

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Punycode Converter

Enter Punycode or Unicode domain

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Decimal IPs

Converts a decimal IP (e.g. 2130706433) into an IP.

Enter decimal IP

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RADB Routing

Enter IP

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What does a website know about you?

Displays information about your IP, OS, Browser, DNS

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Does your computer leak Netbios info?

Displays information about Netbios on your computer

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