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During our research on DNS Recursion, DNS Cache Poisoning, PPC Hijacking and related topics, much of that research led us back to The Measurement Factory.

The report from the US-CERT references a survey performed by The Measurement Factory and we felt if the government is utilizing that data for their own research, it was definitely good enough for us!

So, we wanted to thank the folks at The Measurement Factory for their technical prowess and what they offer to the Internet community as a whole, from a technical standpoint. Not only are they responsible for the survey that the US-CERT references, they also do quite a bit more in this particular area. For those of you who have been following this as aggressively as we've been, you'll find these surveys from The Measurement Factory to be well worth the read.

About The Measurement Factory and DNS

The Measurement Factory collaborates with others in measuring DNS (Domain Name System) traffic at critical locations, such as the root servers. In conjunction with this research, they provide open source tools to aid ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and other organizations in understanding their own DNS traffic.

The Measurement Factory

The Measurement Factory have also developed in-house tools for simulating a hierarchy of DNS servers. See their Understanding DNS Traffic section for further information.

DNS Surveys from The Measurement Factory

DNS Tools from The Measurement Factory

The Measurement Factory offers the following tools for analyzing DNS traffic:

Discussion with Duane Wessels - Co-Owner of The Measurement Factory

On 2006-04-12 we sent an email to The Measurement Factory asking for assistance with our coverage of the DNS Recursion issues. Within 15 minutes Duane Wessels (Co-Owner) responded via email and we established communication via telcon. It was an informative conversation and it appears to be leading to much more information on this subject along with a public facility to test a server for DNS Cache Poisoning vulnerabilities.

About Duane Wessels


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