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Whois Lookup provided by Domain Tools - Wildcard search of all current, deleted, and expired whois domains. Domain Suggestions Engine serves over 2 billion suggestions a year. Excellent whois lookup tool for researching information on domain names.

Instructions for use: Enter your domain.com (or whatever TLD you are using) in the field below without the http://www. and click the Whois Search button.

About Domain Tools

"Welcome to the new DomainTools.com - same great services but a brand new domain. 'Whois' was a great name for a site but we are now broadening our focus. We are now a little more tool focused and a lot more domain focused.

Our name change comes from a desire to let you, our visitors, understand what we do and to more effectively communicate that 'Domain Tools' is a place for every type of diagnostic widget related to domain names. Our new name was an easy decision."

About Domain Tools Source Technology

"The Domain Tools website is powered by an extensible XML API which currently indexes all domains in the .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, and .US TLDs. In addition to indexing every active domain, it also knows about inactive domains that have been registered and deleted since the early days of the Internet. Great names are deleted daily so it is important that we keep track of them.

The partial word searching ability of Name Intelligence is unmatched by any other engine. We allow more options and faster results then anything else on the market and we continue to add new functionality monthly. In an information world a company can only focus on so many problems at one time. We dedicate our time to making domain searching faster and more efficient so our partners can dedicate their time to their own core technologies.

Every month Name Intelligence actively probes every domain name in its search engine to figure out the domain's status. Our search results not only reflect active and deleted domains but domains with websites or not. We have taken searching for domains very seriously."


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