The Longest Tweet in History Myth

Twitter2009-07-16 - I'm going to keep this one somewhat brief. This is for the record (FTR) in regards to recent false claims of posting the Longest Tweet in History at 247 and 250 characters respectively. I'm here to set the record straight on this one since I believe I was the first to publicly write about the 250 character long version SMS support by Twitter, I call it a SuperTweet.

Exhibit A: @pageoneresults posted exactly 250 characters from twhirl on 2009-03-07.


Forbes - Longest Tweet in History - Myth

First we have Brian Caulfield from Forbes claiming that @taylorbuley Tweeted The Longest Tweet in History at 247 characters on 2009-07-09.


This is FALSE!

Brian Caulfield should have performed due diligence in his research. I've been posting up to 250 characters to Twitter now since late 2008, early 2009, when I first started my testing and research.

Note: I nuked my first @pageoneresults Twitter account with 7,500+ Updates as part of my first 90 days of testing (2009-07-25 to 2008-10-21). All of my experimental Tweets were also nuked in the process. But, I still have plenty of SuperTweets (up to 250 characters) from my second @pageoneresults account that pre-date anyone else's claims to utilizing 250 characters on Twitter. That includes Brian Caulfield from Forbes and Amer Kawar (@amerkawar) on Twitter.

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Amer Kawar - Reclaiming Longest Tweet in History - Myth

On Twitter, @amerkawar states; I'm reclaiming The Longest Tweet in History at 250 characters! I can't let you do that young man!


This is FALSE!

Amer Kawar should have performed due diligence in his research. I alerted @amerkawar to the fact that I originally wrote about the 250 Character SuperTweet.


@amerkawar's response...


@pageoneresults' response...


Exhibit B: The status link in my above response leads to the first of my 250 Character SuperTweets from Twunami, this one dated 2009-04-08. Prior to Twunami, I was using the web and various Twitter applications to see what the limitations were.

10:04 PM Apr 8th from Twunami

The link I provided was to my SuperTweet article which has an example shown with 247 characters and one with 250 characters, @amerkawar conveniently missed that one. Just like he conveniently miscounted the number of characters in the first SuperTweet example. Amer Kawar is counting the characters he sees visibly on the screen and not what is in the actual source. Here's a screenshot of the Tweet in question...

6:22 PM Mar 6th from twhirl

Yes, there are 180 characters that are visible. There are 247 characters behind the scenes. Amer, are you familiar with Twitter's truncation rules? Apparently not. If you were, you would know to view source to get the actual character count when you see the ellipsis (...) appear.

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@amerkawar Perpetuating the Myth

Here we have a Twit (Amer Kawar) who NOW KNOWS that he cannot lay claim to The Longest Tweet in History at 250 characters but continues to perpetuate the myth.


At this point I think Amer realizes he is wrong in his so called reclaiming. That doesn't stop this Twit from perpetuating the myth, even after acknowledging the 250 character Tweet and that Forbes falsely reported.


Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk on Twitter) gets in on the action linking to @amerkawar's Blog Post about Reclaiming the Longest Tweet in History which is FALSE! Thank you Ashton for using the may or may not be verbiage, that saved you from my wrath. Smiley Yes, I realize how many Followers you have.


Oh get this! Now Amer is taking it to a new level ignoring any information I've shared with him about his claims being incorrect. You HOOVER! Here comes Edward!


20,000 visitors in 3 hours? Not bad. Let's see if we can alert those visitors that Amer Kawar is LYING and knows that his claims are FALSE.


The Ashton Kutcher Effect? This young man (@amerkawar) is on a roll. Now he is begging for Retweets riding on the initial false claims of I'm reclaiming The Longest Tweet in History at 250 characters!.

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Steal My Glory?

Twitter CatfishAmer Kawar, I told you I would spank your arse publicly if you didn't fess up to the myth. I put a lot of time and research into all of this and now you want to try and STEAL MY GLORY? You Catfish!

I'm going to give Brian Caulfield from Forbes the benefit of the doubt. Maybe someone will ping him with a link to this article. Brian then might be kind enough to provide an addendum to his article alerting his readers to the incorrect reporting.

@amerkawar, I'll be sure to let each and every one of these Retweeters (A-Z Listing) know exactly what is going on.

@2network @ACEKong @AlexisBrownPR @beachlvr_baby @Blabbermouth17 @casper922 @cecedesouza @charinsomniatic @CollinsAtl @cybermona @Dan_Marketing @detond @dimak89 @donnafinle @GJUniversity @HeritageArtist @jackbrummet @jay4217 @jmk64 @KazG27 @kblocust @LolitaVonCat @Marbr @MartinaShelton @mercat400 @MixxTechRSS @msbigeyes @msBrad @nirhtaKnnA @Nyykid13 @PrivateJoker @rampantheart @rekimaid @RufusDenton @saumitrasharma @silmaris @somendawn @SuzanneBD @Thomcollins @tommytrc @triplethreat816 @WalterRice @zalina

3 Tweets is all it takes using my SuperTweet powers.


    Look at the above Amer! 250 characters exactly with all those Usernames. Impressive huh? I have the tools and the knowledge to construct these on the fly. Don't even think of laying claim to anything you don't fully understand yet, I'll spank you!

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