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Twitter2009-03-07 - For those who have been following my URI Conversion testing on Twitter, you'll have recently seen this 250 Character SuperTweet appear on my timeline.

What is a SuperTweet #ST

The SuperTweet is up to 250 characters of Front Loaded (up to 140) and Back Loaded (up to 250) Tweet. The absolute maximum is 255 characters, the last 5 spaces are reserved for 2 spaces and 3 dots (ellipsis). It is recommended that you stay within the 250 character limit to avoid data loss and truncation.

  1. 2009-03-07 - SuperTweet Example 1 - 250 Characters from twhirl
  2. 2009-04-08 - SuperTweet Example 2 - 250 Characters from Twunami

Tweeter, Tweeter, SuperTweeter, Tweeter

What are you doing? 250

SuperTweet Deserves a little Super Freak

Before proceeding to the in-depth article below, you may want to listen to, and/or view the Rick James Super Freak video and get into the SuperTweet mood. @daver dedicated this to the 250 Character SuperTweet.

In honor of the SuperTweet
Internet Explorer and Firefox: Ctrl+Click the YouTube video link above to open in a New Browser Tab

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Table of Contents

  1. SuperTweets via Twitter Web Interface
  2. The SuperTweet Construct Visual using twhirl
  3. Notes on SuperTweets
  4. #SuperTweet and/or #T250 Hash Tag
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SuperTweeter SuperTweets via Twitter Web Interface

You can use the Twitter Web Interface for SuperTweets. You'll need to disable JavaScript to bypass the 140 character input limitation. With JavaScript off, you can construct a 250 Character SuperTweet and click the Update button. You will be presented with this message after updating...

Oops! Your update was over 140 characters. We sent the short version to your friends (they can view the entire update on the web).

Note: You will not see the character counter with JavaScript turned off. You can construct your SuperTweet with JS on, stay within the -110 range, copy, turn off JS, reload the page and then paste your 250 Character SuperTweet into the JS disabled textarea and click Update.

What are you doing? -110

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The SuperTweet Construct Visual using twhirl

SuperTweet Instructions 1

SuperTweet Instructions 2

SuperTweet Instructions 3

SuperTweet Instructions 4

The above Tweet from @pageoneresults is exactly 250 characters and was Tweeted from twhirl on 2009-03-07 at 6:24 AM.


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Notes on SuperTweets

Based on limited testing, SuperTweets (all 250 characters) are only viewable online and may or may not be seen in their entirety via a device limited to a SMS 140 character display. When constructing your SuperTweet, be sure to take into consideration that those with SMS limitations will may only see the first 140 characters. They will may need to view the full Tweet online to see additional characters between positions 141 and 250, the SuperTweet zone.

2009-03-20 Update - It appears that the full 250 characters will display just fine on many mobile devices. Please do remember that you are consuming 2 API calls when you view the full 250 characters. SMS upcharges may apply. Many carriers offer beyond the 140 standard, I've seen published numbers at 1,000 characters for some providers, that is a pretty hefty message.

We'll provide more information as we try a few more out here and there. Many won't take the extra steps to push another 110 characters into a Tweet. You could easily send 2 Tweets back to back which is almost the same as sending one SuperTweet. Instead of chunking the message into 2 140 character Tweets, just keep it to one 250 character Tweet.

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Front Loading Tweets

Your important message MUST be in those first 140 characters (Front Loading) of the SuperTweet. The last -110 characters are for additional information (Back Loading).

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Absolute Maximum is 255 Characters

There are actually 255 characters available in a Tweet. There are 5 reserved characters for the remaining spaces and ellipsis that occur if entering 251 characters or more. I avoid the ellipsis by staying within 250 characters. These character counts are based on my observations and limited testing of a 255 character SuperTweet. I've only focused on the 141-250 character range avoiding the ellipsis at all times. Once you truncate at the 255 character maximum, the rest of the message is lost.

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Everyone Sees 140 Characters

Remember, everyone will see the first 140 characters of your 250 character SuperTweet. They will need to follow the Status link (date and time stamp), or the ellipsis (...) to view the entire Tweet. This is what Twitter will display when you enter and Tweet (Update) with more than 140 characters...

Oops! Your update was over 140 characters. We sent the short version to your friends (they can view the entire update on the web).

Note the terminology used by Twitter above. We sent the short version... Twitter support Short and Long Version SMS.

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PermaTweets - Evergreen Tweets

At the bottom left of every Tweet is a date and time stamp. That is linked to the /username/status/ area, these are your archived Twitter Updates. This is Evergreen Tweet Territory and should be treated as so. Think of them as PermaTweets.

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#SuperTweet and shorter #T250 Hash Tags

I'll be utilizing the #SuperTweet and shorter #T250 Hash Tags to identify my Tweets that may venture into the 141-250 SuperTweet Character Zone. You are welcome to do the same with yours so I can keep track of their progress. I'm thinking that a #SuperTweet or #T250 Hash Tag in the first 140 is a good way to identify that there is more behind the door (a Back Loaded Tweet). Those who are familiar with the #SuperTweet or #T250 Hash Tags will know to click the ellipsis (...) or View Tweet option to get the full 250 Characters. Please do show me what you are up to and how you are using your new SuperTweet powers.

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What are you doing? 250

URI Short: (27 characters)
PermaLink: (49 characters)

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