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Twitter2009-07-31 - Did you miss the train? Don't worry, there will be another one coming through shortly. I'm talking about Twitter Follow Trains like,,,,,, etc.

Twitter Follow Train

All Aboard the Follow Train!

I'm going to focus on three of the latest trains to roll through Twitter and they are, and The latter has been shut down due to Reported Web Forgery.

You're going to get a kick out of some of the information on their sites which I've extracted and will opine where applicable. They are all the same sites being served under various TLDs.

Note: I've left all extracted information unedited and have <em>emphasized</em> typos, grammar, etc. NEVER trust a site with excessive typos and grammar errors, EVER. That's usually a first sign that you may be phished or ripped off.

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FindFollowers / GatherFollowers T.O.S

  1. You agree to submit your twitter accout credentials.

    Comment: Stop right there! Mistake № 1 - Do not give up your login credentials to any of the train conductors. Once you do, there's a strong possibility you'll have been phished.

  2. You agree to follow all VIP members once you join.

    Comment: Twitter specifically state in their TOS that this type of activity is unacceptable and violators will be dealt with. Read The Twitter Rules

  3. You agree to allow us to store your account information in our database.

    Comment: Back to Mistake № 1 - Do not give up your login credentials to any of the train conductors. Once you do, there's a strong possibility you'll have been phished. I'd be real leery at this point.

  4. You agree your account will be used to automatically tweet an update on your account for promotional purposes every 4 hours with the exception of VIP members.

    Comment: You better hope you're not one of my Followers and hop on one of these trains. If I see your account Auto-Tweeting on behalf of the train, you WILL become a victim, I WILL put your arse on the spot.

  5. Monkey TweetingYou agree upon loging in you allow us tweet an update on your twitter for promotion.

    Comment: All you have to do is login and the train conductor will Auto-Tweet on your behalf.

    Image at right: Remote Train Conductor Tweeting a FindFollowers and/or GatherFollwers promotion on your behalf.

  6. You agree when buying vip there are no refunds or returns what so ever.

    Comment: There are never refunds or returns when you may be getting ripped off.

  7. You agree to allow us up to 6 hours to put your twitter user name on the vip section.

    Comment: At this point you've pretty much agreed to a gang bang. How's that make you feel? Bend over.

  8. You agree if you spam our site you will be banned from our service forever with out hesitation.

    Comment: LMAO! № 8 is my favorite. You're agreeing to allow them to spam Twitter from your account. How ironic. Actually, how moronic!

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About FindFollowers / GatherFollowers

This is a tools website for twitter. Here you will gain more followers for your account. This concept is quite simple and works very well. The 1st thing you will need to do is login your account (The same info as your twitter credentials) Then after loging in your taken to page with a list of vip members and regular members. The vip members are paid members and will gain the most followers on our site. Right now vip members are getting anywhere betwenn 400-1500 followers a day. The regular members are free members. Before anyone can join this site you are obligated to click and follow all the vip members and the last 20 regular members. After doing the following you can then join the site to get more followers.

Comment: 400 to 1500 Followers per day? And Twitter allow this type of activity? I don't think so and, it's only a matter of time before it ends. These types of Follow Trains are typically short lived due to Twitter TOS violations. Read The Twitter Rules

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RR CrossingFindFollowers / GatherFollowers FAQs

Q: How do I get more followers?
A: Login, follow all the vip/regular users, then you will automatically join train.
Q: Why do I need to enter my twitter login information?
A: To make sure your using the right twitter account to get followers.
Q: How can I stop the site from auto-updating my status?
A: By opting out, This will take you out of our system, And you will no longer recieve followers.
Q: Is my account info stored?
A: Yes, We will not sale, distribute, or harm your account any way. Its totally safe.
Q: Why is my account info stored?
A: To allow you to receive followers, and to allow updates onto your account for promotion.
Q: Can I buy this site/script for $x.xx?
A: No, Neither the site or script will be sold.
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FindFollowers / GatherFollowers Privacy Policy

Any twitter contact information is kept absolutely private. Neither your account nor anything about your account is sold or shared with any other company or agency. Occasionally, we may tweet on your account for promotion purposes. However, we do respect your right to privacy and will not send tweets if you optout of our service.

Comment: You have two choices. Either you allow the Auto-Tweets for promotional purposes or you don't use the service, one or the other, it's a forced follow train.

Get Off The Train NOW!

After reading ALL of the information on their websites, I wouldn't believe a single word written. If you've given up your login credentials to the train conductor, login to the train NOW and OPTOUT. Then login to your Twitter account and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. That will disconnect you from the train. Send a public apology (a Tweet) to your Twitter Followers letting them know you will NEVER do it again.

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FindFollowers / GatherFollowers Disclaimer

Our site does not phish accounts, any content on this site may not be 100% percent accurate. By using this site you agree is not to be mentioned or involved with any legal matters.

Comment: More irony. Browse to the website and you get a Reported Web Forgery! message.

Reported Web Forgery

Their Disclaimer specifically states; Our site does not phish accounts. That entire paragraph from the Disclaimer should have caused the hairs on your neck to rise.

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FindFollowers / GatherFollowers Awareness

Comment: For those of you who have and/or who are opting out of these services, be aware that the optout button doesn't work 100% of the time. This below statement from the Contact Us pages on the and websites.

We are aware that the opt out button doesn't work 100% percent of the time and we are working on this.

URI Short: (30 characters)
PermaLink: (45 characters)

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