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Web analytics software solutions provide great insight into the audience of your website through numerous methods of tracking and reporting. Each software solution provides unique ways of learning more about your audience and understanding who is visiting your website.

  • By tracking individual habits and visits, web analytics software solutions make careful assumptions about the visitors of each website, providing great insight into the minds of the audience.
  • Software solutions track incoming and outgoing traffic to analyze which pages visitors and landing on, which pages seem to hold their attention, and other various details.
  • Software solutions can be integrated and hosted off-site to provide a single location to review information and obtain reports through software-as-a-service.
What should I look for in web analytics software or a web analytics tool?
  • Does the software solution provide for easy integration into various platforms and assistance with integration?
  • Where does the software solution obtain its data about the audience? How does the platform track information on each session to make assessments of the audience profile?
  • How often is the software updated to provide bug fixes and new features that may be of interest to the customers of the software?
  • Is the software solution software-as-a-service or is it a solution that must be run on a separate server?

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