Windows Tips

We've assembled a collection of Windows Tips that we think you'll find very useful. In this section you'll find information on the Windows Key, Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, the Windows Print Screen Key, the Alt Prt Scr function and a very robust Windows Screen Capture Program. We've also included a section discussing Internet Explorer browser accessibility options.

  1. Windows Print Screen Key
    The Windows Print Screen Key can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it to its full potential. Here's a few tips on how to utilize the Print Screen Key.
    • Windows Alt Prt Scr
      The Windows Alt Prt Scr allows you to target that specific window that you have open and nothing else. No more cropping those screenshots to grab the content you were after!
  2. Windows Keyboard
    Here is a picture of the Windows Keyboard, a CSS layout showing a Windows Keyboard layout and, a picture of a Interactive Windows Keyboard (clickable) with detailed explanations of each key.
  3. Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
    Looking for all those great Windows Keyboard Shortcuts? Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts and Windows Tips that will make your daily personal computing easier.
  4. Windows Key Shortcuts
    Here is a popular list of twelve (12) Windows Key Shortcuts that utilize the Windows Key Windows Key.
  5. Internet Explorer Browser Accessibility Options
    Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 Web browser provides users the ability to override web page styles and view content in their preferred style. While in Internet Explorer 6, follow these instructions on how to modify your browser accessibility options.
  6. Windows XP Program Icons
    A collection of Windows XP program icons.


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